Another Day, Another Hashtag. White People, You Gotta Get to Work NOW

[Awesomely Luvvie is a writer (and author), digital strategist, red pump rocker, techie, and professional troublemaker. She blogs at Awesomely and her book, I’m Judging You, is a New York Times bestseller right now! In her most recent piece, “Another Day, Another Hashtag,” she addresses white people directly and provides nine things that we can do to fight racism now. With her gracious permission, we have re-posted an excerpt, with links here and below to the original.]

It’s another day and another hashtag that shouldn’t be. It’s another day for us to know someone’s name, not for how they lived, but how they died. It is another day where I am reminded that to be Black in America is to have an acute countdown clock over your head.


White people. Yes, you. Even you nice ones. These things that are happening? These horrifying things that are happening to my people? They are because people who look like you, have set up a system of supremacy that flourishes. It is one that says people who look like me are violent, threats. It doesn’t matter if they’re holding books, wallets, bags of skittles. It is one that allows people to be killed by cops while sitting in their cars. It allows people to be killed while they lay on the ground with their hands showing. It allows people to be killed while walking away. And their murderers are employees of the state. These killings are state-sanctioned.

White people, I’m talking to you. THIS. IS. YOUR. PROBLEM. TO. FIX. Y’all got some work to do, because this system that y’all keep on privileging from, you’ve got to help us dismantle it. Because those of us who are Black and Brown. We have tried. You created this robot, and it is yours to deactivate. My skinfolk don’t have the passcode. This is your monster to slay.

How? I am not sure, but below are some real ways to start.

[Follow the link here to finish the article and read Awesomely Luvvie’s nine ways to start!]


 AMAZING art by Patrick Campbell Illustration


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